How to Sell Better Qualification to Your Executive

A sponsored APMP webinar featuring Patri.


You likely understand and feel the need for better qualification and have spent a few nights completing bids that you know your company will not win - but it’s hard to get others, especially sales leaders, on-board with saying “no” when they should. This webinar will walk you through making an effective case for better qualification and driving change in your organization so you can finally say “no” and mean it.

Top Takeaways

  • How to Make the Case for Enhanced Qualification Software to Your Executives
  • Understanding the Executive’s Role and how to position your call for better qualification
  • How to get the data and metrics needed to sway your boss
  • Ways to calculate company savings due to better qualification

Target Audience

  • Proposal, RFP, Bid, and Capture managers, sr. managers, and directors
  • Industry agnostic


Josh Ellars, CEO & Founder, Patri 

Josh is a long-time go-to-market executive who has overseen dozens of sales teams and proposals functions. Currently, he is focused on helping companies effectively prioritize the right deals to pursue as the founder and CEO of Patri.


Lane Hartman, Director of Marketing, Patri

Lane is the director of marketing at Patri, where he helps companies understand how they can better qualify and focus on the right deals to pursue. Previously, he has overseen the proposals function at OpenGov.

12/7/2022 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time
Live Webinar
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