Proposal Automation: Why, When, and How?

“Have we answered this question before? Where is the latest content? Which subject expert is on point for this answer? How do we get sales to make better proposals? Why are we always reinventing the wheel? How did that copy/paste mistake make it into the final proposal?” 

Sounds a little too familiar, right? Proposal managers are accustomed to doing amazing things, under tight deadlines, with too little help. In doing so, we’ve convinced our leadership that the status quo is good enough despite the increased demands on the proposal team. We know proposal software can help, but how do we advocate for it?  

Top Takeaways

•The tipping point: when is proposal automation right for your business? 
•Understanding the hidden costs in manual proposal processes 
•Building the business case for proposal software 
•How Expedience Software solves proposal challenges within MS Word 

Target Audience

Forward-thinking proposal writers and managers ready to champion for change.  


Jason Anderson, VP of Sales and Proposal Strategy, Expedience Software

Jason Anderson is a sales and proposal strategist, a technology advocate, and a professional proposal writer. Jason has helped evolve proposals and the proposal process for many organizations as a proposal manager, a proposal consultant, and as a sales leader. This passion for proposals has led him to his role today as the VP of Sales and Proposal Strategy for Expedience Software – pioneers in proposal software industry. 

8/9/2022 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time
Live Webinar
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