Pace Text for Readers to Win Proposals

Do you ever get lost in texts? Likely, the writer hasn't used pacing. This session walks attendees through the art of pacing text for readers, using the "remote control" strategy and showing how incorporating it increases proposal wins.

Top Takeaways

  • Learn what the "remote control" strategy is
  • Discover how to apply the "remote control"
  • See your wins improve, because of the "remote control"

Target Audience

  • Proposal Writers
  • Proposal Editors
  • Sales Team


Sarah Reynolds Westin, Communications Manager & Writer, RESPEC

As a kid, Sarah wrote stories and poems. Somewhere along the way, she moved past that passion. Later, when she realized that ideas, stories, and words require as much (if not more) brainpower as many other fields—not to mention artistic license and even joy—she began her journey back to her writing roots. She learned early on that everyone has something to say and something to add to the conversation.

Sarah started her professional adventure by translating ancient languages, which made her fall in love with oral tradition. She went on to teach composition strategies, lead communications, and write creative and persuasive nonfiction. Using stories to connect people has defined her career. She asks questions and listens to feedback, and each experience gives her more questions and other insights. But what about those people who support her and encourage her onward? Well, they're her secret to success.



7/7/2022 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time
Live Webinar
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